Three reasons Chris Osgood absolutely belongs in the Hockey Hall of Fame:

1. He ranks 10th all time among goalies in wins. Eight of the nine in front of him have been elected to the Hall of Fame. The lone exception is Curtis Joseph, who never won the Stanley Cup and had a much higher goals against average in his career than Ozzie.

2. He won two Stanley Cups as the Red Wings’ primary goalie, and a third as the backup – and he was the Red Wings’ top goalie during the regular season that season.

3. Look how little the Red Wings have accomplished in the playoffs when Osgood wasn’t on their team or injured. He played a huge role in deciding three of the four Stanley Cup championships the Red Wings have won since 1997.

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  1. Vader says:

    current agree with you more Caputo. In fact I would go so far as to say without Ozzie they do not win the cup in ’08. I’m tired of hearing he played with great players. I ask those people how many great players did Yzerman, Gretzky, Messier, Sakic, Shanahan, Hull, Roy all play with? A large majority of the time great players have other great players around them.

  2. Vinny says:

    He never won a Vezina
    He’s never led the league in shutouts
    He only led the league in goals against average once
    He’s never led the league in save percentage
    He’s only been a post-season all-star once (the HHOF committee does not look at the All-Star game for induction purposes)

    Osgood’s generation will get him compared to Hasek, Belfour, Roy, and Brodeur

    Post-Season All-Star Nominations
    7 Brodeur (3 first team, 4 second team)
    6 Hasek (6 first team)
    6 Roy (4 first team, 2 2nd team)
    3 Belfour (2 first team, 1 2nd team)
    1 Osgood (1 2nd team)

    3 Roy (3 Conn Smythe)
    2 Hasek (2 Hart Trophies)
    0 Belfour, Brodeur, Osgood

    6 Hasek (8x finalist)
    4 Brodeur (9x finalist)
    3 Roy (5x finalist)
    2 Belfour (6x finalist)
    0 Osgood (1 time finalist)

    Shutout Titles
    5 Brodeur (9x top 3)
    4 Belfour (7x top 3)
    4 Hasek (6x top 3)
    3 Roy (6x top 3)
    0 Osgood (2x top 3)

    Win Titles
    9 Brodeur (13x top 3)
    2 Roy (6x top 3)
    1 Belfour (8x top 3)
    1 Hasek (4x top 3)
    1 Osgood (2x top 3)

    SPCT Titles
    6 Hasek (8x top 3)
    4 Roy (7x top 3)
    2 Belfour (3x top 3)
    0 Brodeur (2x top 3)
    0 Osgood (1x top 3)

    40 win seasons
    8 Brodeur (in 18 seasons)
    2 Belfour (in 17 seasons)
    1 Hasek (in 16 seasons)
    1 Roy (in 19 seasons)
    0 Osgood (in 17 seasons)

    Canadian International Appearances (Canada/World Cup, Olympics, Worlds, World Juniors)
    7 Brodeur (Olympic Gold 02, 10, World Cup Gold 04)
    2 Belfour (Olympic Gold in 02, Canada Cup Gold in 91)
    1 Roy (98 Olympics – keep in mind that Roy refused to play for Canada after being cut from 91 Canada Cup Team for years)
    0 Osgood

    607 Brodeur
    551 Roy
    484 Belfour
    454 Joseph (more top 3s than Osgood)
    400 Osgood (10th)

    113 Brodeur
    81 Hasek (8th)
    76 Belfour (10th)
    66 Roy (14th)
    51 Vachon (22nd) -> 3 Stanley Cups, 2x all-star, and a Vezina
    51 Joseph (23rd)
    50 Osgood (25th)

    0.922 Hasek (1st)
    0.913 Brodeur (11th)
    0.910 Roy (19th)
    0.906 Belfour (28th)
    0.906 Joseph (30th)
    0.905 Osgood (32nd)

    Osgood has been a career back-up………..and they should not be in the HHOF unless they pay their 10 bucks admission. Even his salaries have dictated that he is what he is…..dude will make less than 30MM over a 20+ year career. Let me put that in perspective for you- Roberto Luongo has made that much over the last 3 or 4 years. So, since we know that players are generally paid for their worth, sure sometimes a player will hit the FA market and a team might overpay but generally speaking, a player gets paid according to his skillset. So, Detroit management didn’t think too highly of him (as evidenced by putting him on WAIVERS in his prime and constantly bringing in a “starter”), his agent had him worth what he was worth as did Osgood himself.

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