MARQUETTE (WWJ) – Getz’s Department Store has been a landmark in Marquette, Mich. for over 100 years. But, according to store manager Dennis Mingay, it’s the 7,000 square feet of retail space on each of Getz’s four floors that really overwhelms people.

Getz’s started in 1879 with Grandpa Getz selling denim overalls to mining camps in the U.P. Mingay said the store continues to provide what people want and need.

“We sell The North Face, Carhartt, Hardwear, Tommy Bahama, SmartWool, and then we’re also a very large shoe vendor, featuring Uggs, Keen. So, basically what we are is a name-brand clothing store.”

With its rich history though, Getz’s has managed to change with the times, creating a thriving internet business that accounts for 65 percent of its sales.

“You don’t see many of us anymore. In your travels, you don’t see the old downtown department store with multi-level merchandising. It’s just, its kind of non-existent because the box stores have closed them all,” Mingay said.

The store actually has sales people on each floor who know the merchandise. And whether it’s in person or online, customer service is their key to success.

“I just had a guy thanking me for taking care of him. Tons of people say that to me, thank you. Well no, no. You’re the customer, thank you for coming in here,” Mingay said.

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