The Tigers trade for Wilson Betemit isn’t some magic elixir. That said you’re adding a competent 3rd baseman at the plate and an above average defender in the field. Both are titanic upgrades from what Inge has given this season. It’s good enough. Now go get a lefty starter.
• Michigan State has been selected as the latest in the Nike Pro Combat school line. Very rare company. It’s a great move for MSU football to further the brand and also continue to get MSU to the perception it is a top flight program. It’s not there yet but small steps like this, along with wins on the field, all add up to the end product and perception.
• Wolverine fans please check yourself with the chest pounding in recruiting. If you expect MSU fan or OSU fan or ANY FAN to shake in their respective boots over kids that won’t hit the field for upwards of two years and have minimal impact for likely three years…you’re on drugs. Reality check. Help isn’t on the way for a while. Enjoy.
• New summer Cigar suggestion. Try the Alec Bradley Family Blend. Mid-range price, great smoke for a good value. Very nice for summertime.
• Check out my review of NCAA 12 by EA Sports. Yes I’m still a gamer after all these years, just with far more limited time. Hopefully it gives you an idea of where I stand not only with this product but the state of sports games in total. Click it…

Comments (3)
  1. Andy says:

    To paraphrase you Mike “I’m sorry, I forgot I’m not allowed to be happy about my team doing something that I like” Re: UM’s recruiting class thus far.

  2. Greg says:

    He’s accusing UofM fans of getting overly-excited about their recent football recruiting successes? I see his MSU football recruiting tweets quite often on my twitter feed gloating about the number of “stars” some young buck is getting. Come on now Mike, I don’t care if you wanna go ahead and geek out on kids who won’t make an immediate impact (just as you told Wolverine fans) for at least a season, but UofM fans should be happy that they aren’t recruiting small underweight linemen similarly to what was during the Rich Rod days.

  3. Steve says:

    This is exactly why UM fan gets PO’d. You open your hole all the time and get your jabs in just like in this ridiculous post, but then you play the victim on the radio whenever UM fan calls in to take shots at you. If I were you, I’d pray Sparty has a great year this year, because UM WILL be back and YOU know it.

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