LANSING (AP) – An arbitrator has ordered a fired state of Michigan employee back on the job, months after he was dismissed for failing to provide urine for a drug test.

Ron Koonter of Grand Ledge says he has a condition known as “shy bladder syndrome,” which restricts his ability to produce urine on demand.

Arbitrator Bruce Lillie said Thursday there’s no evidence that the 44-year-old electrician tried to avoid the test.

Lillie says Koonter drank three glasses of water and had asked for more but was turned down last October.

Koonter is required to be tested for drugs because he has a commercial driver’s license. The arbitrator awarded back pay and reinstatement.

A message seeking comment was left with the state Transportation Department, where Koonter worked.

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Comments (4)
  1. Steve Soifer says:

    The International Paruresis Association testified on behalf of Mr. Koonter, and in this case at least justice prevailed. Hopefully, workers with shy bladder will no longer be fired for managerial incompetence.

  2. Jay Dempsy says:

    That’s sad to see. He should have been wearing FlowPants.

    FlowPants™ is a boxer brief-style undergarment that delivers gentle heat when activated. FlowPants™ is designed to deliver muscle-relaxing heat to specific areas to help individuals with Urinary Hesitancy and Urinary Retention conditions. –

  3. Jay Dempsy says:

    Opps, the website for FlowPants is

  4. dripable says:

    Might be your best article yet.

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