LANSING (WWJ) – Do state workers make too much money?

A statewide survey question was asked to 600 likely Michigan Democratic voters whether or not they thought state employees were overpaid.

WWJ’s Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick said surprisingly, 40 percent of the democrats said yes while 51 percent said no.

Looking to explain the results, Skubick caught up with Representative Joan Bauer, a Democrat from Lansing who has many civil servants in her backyard.

“I think part of the reaction of people who think they’re highly overpaid is that they’re afraid, it’s a difficult time and they’re looking at it from that vantage point,” Bauer said.

When asked if she thought those people are looking for someone to blame, Bauer said yes.

Pollster Denny Denno said he credits the republicans with bashing public workers for so long that now even the democrats believe they are overpaid.

What do you think? Leave us your comments below.

Comments (4)
  1. Brian says:

    Why not look at the facts to find the truth? See

  2. Grove Sandrock says:

    Typical Republican Right Wing tactic to devide the middle class.

  3. Jeanette DiFlorio says:

    No, the majority of state and other public sector employees are not overpaid. The waste in the public sector is in the same place as the private sector – in upper management. Public sector employees have earned less that private sector for decades. Now that the big private sector employers have scared workers into concessions and 2nd tiers for their newer workers, the attack is against the public sector. Many public sector employees are struggling to get by. They have seen concessions in wages, health insurance, and pensions for several years now. The attacks continue as politicians work to outsource public sector jobs. It doesn’t save money when public sector jobs are outsourced. It actually costs more both in the decrease in services and the quality provided, What else happens – your employer cuts your wages, health insurance and decides they can’t afford to contribute to your 401k anymore. They are whip sawing us. Big business is racing us to the bottom. Wake up. Workers should be paid family wages. Workers should be able to afford housing, and food for their family. We should expect to be able to get medical care when needed and to be able to educate their children. I want police and fire protection. I also want my streets plowed, watermain breaks fixed and other services that are currently provided. Stop falling into big businesses’ bs. If big business and the wealthy paid their fair share of taxes – life would be a whole lot easier for the rest of us. I don’t work as a public sector employee however my wages were cut because they were doing it in the public sector. Is this what we want as workers… to bring each other down OR do we stand together and say that all workers should be earning good wages, have health insurance, and some sort of pension for old age. Wake up before it is too late. Demand that all workers be treated right.

    1. sick and tired says:

      Public employees are lucky to have wages, health insurance and pensions! The private sector employees often have NO benefits and NO jobs. Wake up and smell the coffee! Not only has the private sector had lesser wages and benefits for years, rising taxes to support government employees has cost private sector jobs, businesses, their homes, their food, and put families on the street. The public sector is just now starting to feel what private sector employees have had to deal with for decades! Yes your management is poor, but when the money runs out in the private sector, you lose your job or have to do the work of everyone who did. Government just shuts down, or closes offices, or reduces services. If you do that in the real world, you’re a goner. And you don’t get federal holidays and all those other days off, either!

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