DETROIT (WWJ) – The year old Detroit Venture Partners got a little magic this week when Michigan native and NBA Hall of Fame star Earvin “Magic” Johnson joined the venture capital firm. WWJ Newsradio 950’s Florence Walton reports on one of the young companies Detroit Venture Partners is helping.

The Birmingham based business is called Hired My Way and C.E.O. Matt Mosher said it helps online job seekers connect with the right employer to match their skills.

“It’s different in two ways. One, is it guarantees that your resume is going to be reviewed when you apply through our system. And number two, its kind of a hybrid between a job board and a recruiter on the employer’s side. So, it gives employers better methods to employ better candidates.”

Those looking for work can buy “Mytokens” that they use to post their resumes to job listings through the Hired My Way web-portal.

“Job seekers invest a little bit to apply to the job and what that does is it puts them in a pool that’s almost 80 to 90 percent best candidate, almost 100 percent repeat in having their resumes reviewed, and then we send the candidates a message saying they’ve been reviewed,” Mosher said.

Detroit Venture Partners is providing Hired My Way and five other start-up technology companies and with capital and operational expertise.

  1. Octobermom says:

    DON’T fall for the banana in the tail pipe. THIS company charges a fee to get “your resume. Josh Linkner, Man Behind ePrize is front man for this along with being backed by Magic Johnson. Linkner was on Flashpoint w/ Devin Scillian 8/28/11 backing this company. But check out the link below of the drama that went on when he was with ePrize.

    check out the employees( probably former), comments of the slave driving pressure that oozed from this company.

    Just a little bio folks. The BIGGEST PROBLEM is who, in this tough economy has 2 bucks to pay each time they want an employer to “look” there resume? As in any job search, you would want several possible employers to consider your resume, and this has the potential to become quite costly. THEN WHO’S TO SAY you will get an interview, let alone get hired? People on top taking advantage on the poor folks on the bottom, it appears

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