Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 7-26-11

What to expect if Charlie Sheen buys the Dodgers?
10. Brian in Dryden. New Dodgers game will no longer feature bagel, donut, and coffee race. Now it will be cigarette, liquor bottle, and rolled up dollar bill.
9. Scoring position will consist of Charlie Sheen paying a hooker.
8. A MLB lockout will consist of Charlie Sheen locking hookers in his hotel bathroom.
7. What to expect: Dodger games that don’t start on time because Charlie Sheen is at the strip club will be known as a Making it Rain Delay.
6. If Charlie sheen buys the dodgers the tigers will trade Coke and Furbush
5. Charlie Sheen is interested in buying the Dodgers so he can try to sniff and inject Andre Ethier. –MilfordBabcock
4. Jeremy, Farmington – Busiest person at the stadium will be the guy who have to constantly re-line the field.
3. 2 and half wins! Charlie in Clawson
2. Sheen buying the dogders – weekly scouting trips to Columbia!
1.What 2 expect if Charlie Sheen buys Dodgers ? Foul poles replaced with stripper poles. Dave in Memphis


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