Mulally Encouraged To Have Focus On Debt Crisis

DETROIT (WWJ) – One week and counting for the debt limit deadline in Washington — although neither side in Washington appears willing to budge on the debt ceiling debate.

As WWJ and FOX 2 Business Editor Murray Feldman reports, investors on Wall Street are taking a “wait and see” attitude.

Wall Street watchers think that if the market thought there was a serious threat the sell off would be much more than just three-quarters of a percent- – which is what is was Tuesday. As we get closer to that deadline negative sentiment grows.

Feldman spoke with Ford CEO Alan Mulally asking him about the debt crisis. Mulally said he is encouraged that finally there is so much attention focused on it.

Feldman asked Mulally if he thought (the government) was going to settle the debt ceiling debate by the Aug. 2nd deadline and he said, ” They have to.”

Click on here for the latest news on the Debt Crisis .

  • Jana Whiteman

    “They have too.”
    They have TOO… should read:They have TO.
    If a news source is going to make such ignorant errors in their reporting, why-oh-why should your readers believe anything else you have to say?!?

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