1. If the Lions in free agency are not able to land a quality free agent I don’t know who anybody can pick em above .500. Landing a corner like Jon Joseph & and OLB like the Bucs Quincy Black or the Titans Stephen Tulloch? That’s when I’ll have them in the playoffs.

2. I like this feeding frenzy in the NFL with camp starting and free agency and all. What I really like as well is the start of Fantasy Football. Like many I’ve been playing for years and haven’t really checked out anything because of the lockout. I’ll be deciding in my one-player-keeper-league on keeping Adrian P, Vick or Andre Johnson. Tough choices considering I drafted Adrian and that I’ve won money with him every year since.

3. I’m glad Kris Draper is retiring. I loved the grind-line but we can all see it was time to go. I’ll give it up to Draper for always being a go to guy in locker room in my experience with the Wings over the years. Draper had some great years in Detroit considering that the Wings were a real disappointment around the time he joined the club and now are the class of the NHL.

4. Saw Horrible Bosses over the weekend. No way is HB in the same category as The Hangover, Old School or Super Bad. I got some laughs for sure but it falls short of a classic. My grade = straight up C.

5. While at Horrible Bosses I saw the trailer for the remake of Footloose. Not that I would be interested in Footloose until I saw this women that stars in it. Didn’t recognize her but found out that she is Julianne Hough. I didn’t watch much of Dancing With The Stars but knew who she was. Hough is a flat out knock out in Footloose 2011. If you’re looking for a ten go see her in Footloose just to see her.


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