Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 7-27-11

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Ways to raise money for the deficit…
10. Ways to raise $ for US: show dead bin laden pics on pay per view! Mike
9. Ways the US can raise money not to default… Have all of Travis Henry’s children run a lemonade stand in various states…Purg in Rochester
8. Was to avoid default? Put in a call to Iron Mike. Mike, I got two words for you. Iron Mountain. Bob@work
7. FROM: Deuce… Ways the U.S. can raise money: have Obama walk around the U.N. with a Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit brochure and order form
6. Ways the US can raise funds to avoid default? Harness the power from the fire that burns inside of Rodney Stuckey and sell it to China. Andrew in Lansing
5. How can the U.S. make money to help the deficit? The Detroit Tigers donate a dollar everytime a runner runs thru a Gene Lamont stop sign. Johnathon westland
4. Ways united states can raise money. Enter SJP in the derby and bet the country on her. From tony v
3. Ways the US can raise money…. Put hotels on park place and boardwalk, then charge obscene rent to those who stay.
2. How can the country make money, sell Ohio
1. To fundraise money they could auction off tim tebows virginity on craigslist -brad in the dirty


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