Warning: recent studies have found that hookahs are no safer than cigarettes and may pose additional risks.

With that being said, hookah is gaining popularity in the United States, especially here in Metro Detroit.

Hookahs are waters pipes that use water to cool the smoke.  The tobacco smoked is referred to as sheesha or nargilah.

Smoking hookah is a social event, because the pipes are shared among friends.



In the Metro Detroit area, there are many hookahs bars.  I turned to the “Best of” section on our website to find one to check out.

I decided to try Midnight Espresso Cafe.  This is what is written about it on our website:

Midnight Espresso Cafe

4624 Greenfield Rd.
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 846-7888

This Dearborn hot spot is all about atmosphere. Dark and trendy, Midnight Cafe offers live Arabic music, quality hookah and espresso drinks. Prices are average and the food isn’t bad either.  It can be a bit loud at peak times, so choose a table towards the back if you want to chat.

I tried the Midnight cafe this past Saturday (just before midnight) with my good friend, Rommi.  We wanted to do some catching up and chit-chat, while enjoying coffee and hookah.

We ordered grape-flavored tobacco that sits in an orange head.  I had French Vanilla cappuccino.  It was AMAZING!

Drummer from Saturday night

Drummer from Saturday night

We started off having a great conversation and enjoying our treats.  Then the music started.  The cafe hosts singers and bands on the weekend.  This particular day, there was a singer, key board player and a drummer.

The crowd and music were very upbeat.  Everyone looked like they were ready to party.

Many people got up and started dancing.  This was fun to watch, but it ended up being so loud my friend Rommi and I couldn’t talk without shouting.

The environment was very friendly.

The staff came over to our table to make sure we are not only enjoying the hookah and coffee, but if we were having fun!

Overall it was a great experience.  If you want to check out when it is in “party mode,” go on a Friday or Saturday.  The rest of the week, it may be more low key.


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