Judge Says ‘No’ To Growing Medical Marijuana In Livonia

LIVONIA (WWJ)– One of Michigan’s largest cities has a judge’s approval to prohibit medical marijuana businesses.

Wayne County Judge Wendy Baxter upheld a zoning ordinance in Livonia that says no one can break federal law, including federal drug laws.

Livonia officials say they’re not trying to punish people who have cards allowing them to use marijuana, but say they want to prevent marijuana grow operations.

The ACLU had sued the city of Livonia on behalf of a couple who want to grow marijuana in their Livonia warehouse. Linda Lott, who has multiple sclerosis, has a medical marijuana card issued by the state.

ACLU attorney Dan Korobikan says they’ll appeal.

“Livonia’s ban … categorical, complete ban on marijuana, completely undercuts the will of Michigan voters, who overwhelmingly chose compassionate care, for sick people like Linda, whose pain can be eased with medical marijuana … so we are disappointed obviously,” said Korobiakan.

Korobiakan says the couple are not trying to open a business for medical marijuana. “They’re actually just trying to use medical marijuana for their own use and, and they’d like to be able to grow a small amount of medical marijuana on property that they own in Livonia,”  he said.

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  • Buck Peters

    Ticks me off. The Governent could care less what the voters say. Not only do we have to deal with laws passed at the urging of lobby groups, such as Insurance Companies lobbying for seat belt laws and helmut laws, but if the voters do approve something, they find some “legal” way to do what the hell they want anyhow. It’s time for fresh faces, from the top to bottom in our political world.

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