Other demands McNabb must meet to get the #5 jersey…
10. What does McNabb have to do to get #5 ? He has to play quarterback all season for the Minnesota Vikings. OUCH! Harold
9. Donavan mcnabb must do a campbells soup commercial for a new soup called clouey stewy
8. Lesser known requirements for McNabb to wear the #5? He has to convince all of Detroit that it’s not pronounced LiNdstrom.
7. Every tme McNabb runs or passes for a TD he will have to create a TD celebration which must include the motions of a punt. Tom.
6. What else to ask McNAbb? Ask McNabb to put Gene Lamont on the sidelines so we can watch Lamont hold up a poster saying “STOP
5. what mcnabb must do for #5 – he has to first swap his #2 with Najeh Davenport . Paul canton
4. Other things Donovan has to do: get Mcdonalds to bring back the Mcrib and rename it the Mc-nabb. Brett Pod
3. McNabb will have to swap lives with Kluwe for a day so that Kluwe can know what it feels like to be an NFL football player….kickers…Ha. Rich
2. Other things Donovan McNabb has to agree to? He must agree to give up his position at QB once Brett Favre comes back out of retirement…again…Kevin
1. At every press conference he has to point out that punters are actual athletes and keep a straigh face while saying it. Pauley Hartland

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  1. hemp says:

    — Donovan McNabb must have wondered if he was back in Philadelphia…On the first day of Washington Redskins training camp a heckler .stood near the front of the crowd and criticized every bad pass every .bobbled ball and pined out loud for the return of departed quarterback .Jason Campbell… Must have been a great catch the fan yelled after McNabb completed one pass because it couldnt have been a good throw. ..As the days went by other fans might have felt that the heckler was. McNabbs performance could be simply a matter of him adjusting to .new surroundings and a new offense.

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