As summer continues with its long, hot days and high UV index, one man makes it his mission to inform as many people as possible about the dangers of skin cancer.

zoo walk and skin 11 048 Skin 11, A Melanoma Awareness Benefit

Lori Pinson, George Stager III, Leslie Ann Pilling

George Stager, III was diagnosed at 21 with melanoma.  In remission now, he created Skin ’11 as a fun, yet informative way to teach sun worshippers about “one of the most deadly and most curable” cancers. This year, the popular Skin ’11 was held at the Barrio/Hamilton room in Birmingham.

zoo walk and skin 11 060 Skin 11, A Melanoma Awareness Benefit

George Stager III and Royda Urey

George’s co-host is no stranger to cancer. Royda Urey recently lost her cousin to the disease.  Ryan Lee Holland was only 25 and his bout with colon cancer was short.  The founder of Valient Public Relations, Royda is hoping her association with Skin ’11 will keep Ryan’s memory alive. “Cancer became more personal, cancer is cancer.” A foundation has been set up in Ryan’s name to financially assist cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

As word spread about the benefit, George says this year Skin ’11 was easier to put together. “I want to get the word out and raise awareness. We still don’t think about melanoma. It can happen to anyone. Any skin type can get it.”

This years partners include Lamborghini Troy, Vitamin Water Zero, Ambassador and Bentley Troy. Moda Repeat and Astute Artistry provided fashions and makeup for the show.

zoo walk and skin 11 058 Skin 11, A Melanoma Awareness Benefit

The models of Skin '11

All proceeds from Skin ’11 go to the Karmanos Cancer Center.  Click here for more pictures from the event.

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