LANSING, Mich. (AP) – The state has ruled Michigan State University and Wayne State University are in compliance with a policy aimed at keeping tuition increases for the 2011-12 academic year below 7.1 percent.

State budget director John Nixon issued the ruling Thursday in letters to the universities. Nixon said he found that the universities were in “technical compliance” with tuition restraint provisions approved by the state Legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder. That means Michigan State University will receive about $18 million and Wayne State University will get about $13 million in state aid they otherwise would have lost.

Both universities have said they’re in compliance with the law.

The nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency had calculated their tuition increases at above 7.1 percent compared to 2010 data.

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Comments (3)
  1. Gerry Flood says:

    It was just intended to be a lesson for accounting majors!

  2. A Michigan Resident says:

    I’m sure all the economic struggling students in Michigan will yield a sign of relief on this one. Should any of them be able to afford their degrees and graduae it will not come as a surprise why and when they leave the state of Michigan for better opportunities. University Inc. continues to earn its wealth while the rest of the state goes bankrupt or unemployed. Michigan universities have to reign in theif fiscal spending and provide affordable education to Michigan residents. These institutions were originally created to educate and not maximize profit from research projects or football Saturday gate receipts. This won’t help Michigan get smarter

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