TROY (WWJ) – With just four days until the Troy Public Library is scheduled to close, the city is preparing for a special election that could save it. Voters are being asked to approve a millage of point-seven mills for five years.

Frank Houston, spokesman for “Save Troy,” says they’re holding a “Save Troy Library” rally and read-in, Monday, to draw attention to Tuesday’s vote.

“To make sure people are aware that our library is scheduled to close Aug. 5th., and that there is a vote tomorrow, Tuesday August 2nd, and it’s the last chance for the community to figure out a way to pay for the library,” said Houston.

Houston said he hasn’t met anyone who wants the library to close, and voting “yes” is the only way to keep it open.

“What the ‘Save Troy’ proposal, that’s on the ballot Tuesday, does is make sure that there’s a dedicated millage, a small millage — point-seven mills — to fund the library. So, even with this millage, the library will still take some cuts, but it won’t be as bad,” he said.

Houston said, with the drop in property values, no one’s taxes should go up if the millage passes.

The polls in Troy will be open Tuesday from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m..

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  1. Mary says:

    There is no need for new taxes. There is plenty of money. I am very dissapointed that you did not cover the NO side, this is a Troy resident issue, and you needed to cover both sides of the issue!!!

    – The city just hired 5 new employees at a cost of approximately $500,000/yr..
    – We have a 15% rainy day fund and Sterling heights has 8% in their fund.
    – The real estate market is already turning around… there is actually a housing shortage in troy.. call your realtor to verify!!
    – Pensions are WAY too high – get them back to what the private sector is.
    – The yes people are voting on emotion, and not the facts.


  2. Donna says:

    We’ll learn soon enough that there’s a surplus in the budget (to the tune of 6M for now, but it will grow, of course,because values will not continue to drop as they claim. We’ll need that surplus for maintaining the Transit Center with its employees and deficit operations for awhile, after which it will go to the voters, too…because “jobs will be lost”
    Give me a break!

  3. Ed says:

    Troy has no need for a new tax to maintain the library. They have 12.3 million dollars (and growing) in the bank. The whole election is just another way to try to gain a tax increase so they can continue to waste taxpayer dollars instead of focusing on providing the basic services our citizens need and expect. We’re all looking forward to November as the chance to restore common sense leadership to Troy.

  4. tom from troy says:

    slanted coverage from a supposedly credible source. How can the article be fiar when the only source is the head of the Oakland County Democratic Party who DOES NOT LIVE IN TROY. A paid political consultant. No fair. Did the pro=tax crowd pay for this article?

  5. Michael T. Ross says:

    I am quite displeased about your superficial and biased coverage of the Troy Library tax increase vote. You need to go deeper to report of the full truth and fulfill your mission as professional reporters

    As a resident of Troy since 1987 and a parent of three kids who use the library regularly and who very much values our library, I still staunchly oppose a tax millage increase ostensibly to keep the Library open. How could our city leaders have chosen not to fund the Library within the City budget several years back while markedly increasing the Troy Police budget several years in a row to levels that far exceed funding for other Oakland County Police Departments proportionate to city size and population? There is substantive evidence of poor stewardship, deception and contempt of our citizens by those pulling the levers of power in Troy.

    Manipulating and politicizing the library’s funding was a way to force taxpayers, especially those of us who have kids who regularly use the library or who use it ourselves for professional reasons, to agree to a general increase in taxation despite a poor economy that is forcing all of us to cut back our own household budgets. Not only was this poor stewardship by Troy city leadership, but it was an act of deception and abuse of power.

    Why isn’t WWJ serving the children and their citizen parents on this issue by reporting the full truth?

  6. Carmen Johnson says:

    Wow, really. So it’s all or nothing, either we get taxed or no library? I think you’re forgetting another option. Prioritize city spending. Instead of spending dollars on another consultant, or another election, or bogus surveys, just take care of the library.

    It’s amazing that we can downsize the Troy police force and nobody says anything. In fact volunteers are lining up to assist with the force doing crowd control type activities. Troy has a marvelous volunteer fire department as well. We’re a tremendous community.

    So we cut back on special programming, downsize the paid staff if necessary. Volunteers would line up to help. In fact we already have a system in place, Friends of the Troy Public Library. It’s not either or. There are lots of options. We’re smart enough to figure it out.

  7. John says:

    Why haven’t you covered the NO side of this issue?

    The Troy City Council has plenty of “reserve” savings ($12Mil) to maintain the Troy library without a new tax millage. The council won’t consider cutting the excess remuneration packages that the top 20 Troy city execs have in place. Where else can you receive lifetime health-care? Why have states like New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana made cut-backs in their entitlements (Health-care, pensions) and salary reductions to achieve balanced budgets. The GM UAW contract had these same changes and their financial results are favorable so far.
    No one on the “NO” side wants the library to close. In these difficult times we expect basic city services with some austerity as necessary. The library can remain Open without New taxes if some changes are made: 1) City executives remuneration adjusted to reflect the current economic conditions experienced by the private sector citizenry. Why should the top 13 executive remuneration exceed the Mich Gov benefit package? The Library can remain Open, with NO tax increase, if remuneration adjustments of 18% salary cutback this year, elimination of pension in favor of a private 401k and elimination of all lifetime health care are made.
    2) $1Mil/ yr from the “savings fund” will be dedicated to the Library for the next 3 yrs. until an economic turn-around brings tax revenue back.

    No one likes or wants cutbacks, but they must be included if Troy is to remain a vibrant city, re-known as a great environment for raising a family.

    Unfortunately the city executives want to threaten the citizens with library closure in order to maintain their “cushy” jobs and their selfish personal goals.

  8. Vie says:

    When city council misappropriates money bugeted for the library to their special interests the citizens of troy are to reward them with increasing our own taxes?! Not another shilling for Mayor Shilling! Take the money from their salaries! Fix the budget.

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