How did MTV celebrate it’s 30th birthday?
10. They celebrated with rod allen and he said i see you kurt loder Ryan flint
9. How did MTV celebrate its 30th birthday? Took home Fox Sports, and got some ‘tail’. Sharky, Warren
8. I don’t know what MTV did to celebrate their birthday but it really pissed Jared Weaver off. -Mike in South Lyon
7. I don’t know how MTV celebrated its 30th bday, but the History Channel referred to it as “that young whipper snapper!” Sean, Warren
6. Things got a little crazy at MTV’s 30th bday party when Snookie hooked up with the Lifetime Channel. Sean, Warren
5. How MTV celebrated: They were celebrating with Rod Allen who said “I see ya, MT-” but then Kanye interrupted him even though Gene Lamont put up the stop sign -Chris in warren
4. How MTV will celebrate it’s 30th birthday….Debuting Real World: Downriver, it’s like Jersey Shore, Jackass and 16 & pregnant all wrapped one…pure TV
3. To celebrate its 30th birthday, MTV got drunk with its cousin VH1 and kicked CMT’s ass. FJ in Plymouth
2. How did mtv celebrate it’s birthday. . . Slump busting with oprah’s channel Cory
1. Mtv celebrated its birthday by getting a new tattoo and piercing, because that is what 30 year olds do to be cool and hip. Wil at work.


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