LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan seven Catholic bishops are asking for major reforms in the country’s immigration policy. The bishops said that immigrants who are here illegally are being treated badly, adding that the current policy is a violation of church teachings.

David Maluchnik, a spokesman for the Michigan Catholic Conference, said their aim “is to promote and give priority to reunification of families.”

“There are many stories leading to the breakup of families,” said Maluchnik. “There are parents who are deported from a country while their children are still infants. That is something that every American should be concerned about.”

Maluchnik said the church teaches that every human being deserves dignity.

“Because of the federal government’s failure to enact a cohesive federal policy on immigration, there is profound concern that the human dignity of immigrants is being violated across the board.”

He said the bishops believe that isn’t happening the way immigration law works.

“There are concerns about families being torn apart and they [the bishops] are concerned about failed federal policy that has led to many of the problems that immigrants are facing in this country today,” said Maluchnik.

The bishops want federal lawmakers to pass federal bills offering a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron was among those who signed the statement, which is going to members of Michigan’s congressional delegation, as well as all of the state’s legislators.

Comments (3)
  1. Mike says:

    I’m not concerned about anything that happens to illegals. Catholic bishops do not
    have a right to dictate to Americans as a powerful organization. It is wrong it is
    not in keeping with American protection of the church vs. the state. Illegals are responsible for their actions, we are not. These bleeding heart liberals want everyone but the action takers to responsible for their actions.

  2. Jim says:

    Keep out of politics you Bishops, or start paying taxes. Stop P… off you Catholic constituency (I am one, and turn in a envelope with money each Sunday, plus I’m a K of C menber). Illegal is illegal…period. And my tax dollars, and church tax dollars, are supporting these illegals. Get them legal, on the tax rolls, and them you can talk Until then, shut up! Remember the ADF and what happened in 1967 when the Carcinal opened his mouth.

  3. Rick says:

    Why do these skirted fellows think they have any business trying to influence political affairs. I agree with Jim. The church should pay taxes just like any other business. Othewise stick to your own turf.

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