After a tough winter and spring, we’re in the pay off months for Michigan’s weather, especially if you like it hot.  This past July was the warmest on record with highs averaging around 79.3.  Twenty days in July boasted temps above 89 degrees! 

aerial detroit Michigans Summer Fun Festivals

Detroit baking under the heat!

So, this is a time for us to enjoy the outdoors. It will be winter before you know it, people!  If you’re looking for something to do, take in Michigan’s festivals!

greek festival 005 Michigans Summer Fun Festivals

Ya'ssoo Greek Festival in Ann Arbor!

From art to music and of course, food, we’ve got it!


greek festival 008 Michigans Summer Fun Festivals

Fair food!


It was super hot at last weekend’s Orchard Lake Fine Art show, but the variety was worth it! It’s difficult to capture the true nature of a painting by photo, but take a look!

zoo walk and skin 11 076 Michigans Summer Fun Festivals

Orchard Lake Fine Art Show

Some festivals have themes, like Belleville’s Strawberry Festival. The strange thing is, only a couple of dishes featured strawberries! 

zoo walk and skin 11 070 Michigans Summer Fun Festivals

Strawberry Festival Shortcake!

Tons of food at this year’s Ya’ssoo Greek Festival in Ann Arbor. I happened to luck up and catch the buy one get the other half off deal! 

greek festival 007 Michigans Summer Fun Festivals

Delicious pastitsio!

With over a month of summer left, there will be plenty more festivals and shows to explore! 

zoo walk and skin 11 067 Michigans Summer Fun Festivals

More festivals, please!

For a complete list of Michigan festivals and fairs, click here

Get more Weather or Not with Lori Pinson!


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