ROMULUS (WWJ) – The partial FAA shutdown has airport projects – and the ability to pay for them – in limbo.

In Romulus, Metro Airport is doing without a $8 million federal grant grounded in Washington. And while the partial shutdown doesn’t impact the day-to-day operation, the airport will have to find another way to pay for a taxiway construction project already in progress. That means the cost will likely be passed along to airlines, then to customers.

WWJ’s Ron Dewey spoke with travelers at the airport who aren’t too happy with getting stuck with the bill. “I don’t think it’s fair to the people that are unemployed just because Congress wants to go on vacation,” says Dave Schrade of Mt. Pleasant. “I think they should come back and settle it,” he says.

Another traveler says the partial shutdown speaks to larger issues like the ability of politicians in Washington to get things done. “We seem to miss the entire picture of where the common problems are and being able to address that like normal people,” says White Lake resident Dan Stewart, who adds, “Instead they just cut and then add to the little guys picking up the tab.”

Michigan Congressman Hansen Clark who said the FAA the issue can and should be resolved now. He said, much like the debt ceiling crisis, it’s all about party politics. President Barack Obama says he expects that the shutdown will be resolved by end of week.

 – More on this story, here. –


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