Save The Dream Program Begins In Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – Homeowners in danger of repossession may find some relief over the next few days at Cobo Center. It’s a five-day save-my-home marathon in downtown Detroit.

Over the next five days homeowners facing foreclosure can get free assistance through the “Save The Dream” program. It’s being put on by the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (or NACA), which has helped people across the country save their homes.

The non-profit housing advocacy group has helped homeowners nationwide by meeting with lenders face-to-face to restructure mortgages. And, in many cases, the modifications are done by the end of the day and save homeowners $500 to $1000 a month.

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas recently spoke with one metro Detroit homeowner who swears by the “Save The Dream” program. The unnamed homeowner credits NACA with saving her home from foreclosure.

The NACA Save The Dream Tour begins at 8am Thursday at Cobo Center in Detroit.

  • HooDatIS?

    im so glad they are trying to help those people with an unmet need
    seems like the politicans are too busy cutting and shutting down services and providers and no ne has timefor the needy

  • take Responsability

    to many hand out and all look for them, starting with hand out back packs teaching the kids get it for free and toss the old one out ,I’ll get a new one
    I raised 8 of mine no credit card an no freebie’s
    called step up to the plate your self

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