DETROIT (WWJ) – A televised two-hour live discussion on strengthening America through education will take place at the Detroit School of Arts, on Sunday, August 14 from noon until 2 p.m. and you could be part of the studio audience.

MSNBC will air “A Stronger America: Making the Grade,” a roundtable format will discuss parenting and early education, how to help students compete on a global scale, the effects of the economy on education and opportunity.

“There’s no simple silver-bullet solution to poor schools, generations of poverty, and ongoing struggles with racial inequalities. That means we have to work harder to solve such entrenched problems,” said
Sterling Speirn, President and CEO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

“A Stronger America: Making the Grade” special comes to Detroit with the cooperation of Detroit Public Schools, a district undergoing historic change to transform a system that leaders say have been failing too many of its students.

The district has implemented a five-year academic plan, where students are seeing a more rigorous academic curriculum in every school, and has expanded its process to authorize additional high-performing charter schools, including five that will be open this fall.

In the Detroit area, you can be part of the live audience. Click here for FREE ticket information.

Viewers will be able to participate in live chats on MSNBC’s Stronger America Facebook.

Clips and additional information on the show is available by clicking on here.

  1. Our Mr. Brooks says:

    Now any idiotic, bombastic moron can see being over educated is bad for America’s economic strength, according to some people. These people contend plain common sense is sufficient and educated people are the root problem in America. But if sense were a common commodity would Michigan be struggling with economic crisis, more than 400,000 unemployed and a feckless combative congressional system?

    Michigan needs to get smarter for those who want to learn

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