Q&A With Dr. Kakaris, DDS

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Mouth care
Children’s Health Awareness
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In connection with Children’s Health Awareness Weekend WWJ talks with Dr. Arestea Kakaris, DDS, of Kakaris Family Dentistry in Woodhaven about the basics of dental care.

What is done during a regular teeth cleaning?

Dr. Kakaris: A regular cleaning involves the removal of plaque, calculus and stains from the tooth structures. The hygienist cleans and refreshes the teeth using dental instruments that scrape away deposits from the teeth or, laser technology that can scan teeth for hidden decay.  A cleaning should be done every six months.

What are flouride treatments?

Dr. Kakaris: Fluoride is a natural mineral that hardens and protects teeth by neutralizing the acid that causes decay.  Dental treatments with fluoride can help prevent tooth decay and even help teeth rebuild areas of decay. Some adolescent patients with either very sensitive teeth or a large amount of decay can benefit from home fluoride gels and tablets prescribed by the dentist. The use of fluoride along with brushing, flossing, regular dental checkups and a diet low in sugars should result in strong, healthy teeth.

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