Other things and people Deion Sanders didn’t get to thank… 10. Deion thanked “soul glo” for the free jerry curl juice from the late 80’s.. Tony 9. I am not sure who prime time left out, but I saw gene lamont throwing the stop sign after he thanked 50 people and deion blew right through it. Scott in Berkley 8. Primetime forgot to thank sjp for giving the seminole a ride before each florida state game to get the crowd fired up. Dustin in allen park 7. I never heard Deion say, “I see ya Rod Allen!” What’s up with that? Steve Highland 6. From Ryan: Deion should’ve thanked Carl Lewis for making worse music than he did 5. Deion forgot to thank his kids Walker and Texas Ranger. Ryan Flint 4. From Aaron in Taylor. Deion forgot to thank his doorag, for helping him look so fashionable. Did he thank number 21 For giving him a prime number 3. People Deion Sanders forgot to thank….The Periodic table for Neon. Nicole 2. Who did dion sanders forgetg to thank? I can’t believe he forgot to thank the guy who plays the “wrap it up” music, for not starting the music at #32 like he should have Sean southfield 1. Dion 4got 2 thank himself cause without dion none of this would be possible. Jdub


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