Karsch And Anderson Top 10 8-10-11

Ways to tell Chad Ochocinco is your roommate…
10. How do u know Ocho cinco is ur roommate? You wake up one morning and the guy on the couch is T.O. (J.A. in Walled Lake)
9. How do you know ocho cinco’s your roommate? There’s a set of gold teeth in your retainer case instead of your retainer. Kevin in Livonia.
8. Channel 85 doesn’t come in because only he can watch it. (John – Auburn Hills)
7. The numbers 8 and 5 are missing from my address.
6. Ways to know: if your medicine cabinet has been ransacked, O wait that if Jamarcus Russell is your roommate. BP
5. How do you know Ochocinco is your roommate? You also have 27 little kids running around asking you to play XBox. Oh wait, that would be Cromartie. Brett – GI
4. Ways to tell Chad Ochocinco is your roomate…You receive Tweets to pass the salt. Nadia
3. You know ochocinco is your roommate if you open the fridge and the empty gallon of milk has a note on it that says ” please don’t evict me”
2. I know ocho cinco is my roommate because every time i ask him for rent he says CHILD PLEASE! Jeff canton
1. ways to know ochocinco is your roommate… every week there are invoices in the mail from the NFL for past due fines.. Craig


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