Will the majority of the media who keep licking Tiger’s boots please wake up? Tiger Woods is finished and has been for some time.

We have been on record for two years predicting Tiger will never win another major(and by the way thanks for all of your “friendly” emails Tiger fans)-Now I am not even sure if he will win again anywhere.

Aren’t you tired of hearing media pundits saying “Tiger will be great again once he is healthy again”? Do these people forget that last year a supposedly healthy Tiger was still brutal on the golf course? He was barely in the top 200 in putting then. Enough with the excuses!

What we are witnessing is perhaps the swiftest fall from grace and dominance in sports history. Remember how he used to intimidate others just by showing up on the first tee? After a first round seven over par 77 at The PGA Championship do you even think there is a single tour player who is intimidated by Tiger?

He was ranked 30th in the world heading into the PGA. That is about to fall even further. He will not even qualify for the Fed Ex playoffs-which is the equivalent of not making the NHL playoffs.

At age 35, both he and Nicklaus had the same amount of Majors (14). Yet Nicklaus did not have the health issues, off the course distractions, nor was his game in shambles at age 35!

Bottom Line. Woods will never sniff another major. The record of 18 by Jack Nicklaus is forever safe from Tiger.


The Folds of Honor is a charity that supports fallen soldiers and their families. The Majestic at Lake Walden is having a charity benefit for The Folds of Honor with an 8am scramble tournament on Saturday August 20th. $100.00 gets you 18 holes plus cart along with breakfast, lunch and dinner and prizes at a great course! (Ranked number 2 public in the area by Lesson On Golf). You will also be supporting a great charity!


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  1. Rob B. says:

    Whoever wrote this is on crack. Tiger wasn’t healthy at all last year, or was his leg-dragging around the golf course not proof enough? What happened to Woods is something that no one but Tiger Woods could come back from, and he will come back. Our expectations have just been too high, he’s only 35, and he is in way better shape overall than Nicklaus ever was.

    Again, whoever wrote this is an idiot.

  2. Polenta says:

    Tiger is back.

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