DETROIT (WWJ) – A violent night in the city of Detroit. Police say a total of 15 people were shot in 9 incidents over a 24-hour period spanning 6 a.m Friday through 6 a.m. Saturday.

Here are the numbers: There were two incidents, in which a total of eight people were shot, three fatally. Another three are in temporary condition, one is in critical condition, and another is in stable condition. Five people were shot at the first scene and three people were shot in the second incident.

There were another seven incidents in which seven people were shot–three fatally, three in temporary serious condition, and one in serious condition.

A statement from Detroit Police was released detailing the nine shooting incidents.

Circumstances in the shootings include:
1) A man who was approached by the suspect and fatally shot in the 16700 block of Biltmore. Police looking for suspect. Homicide unit at (313) 596-2260.
2) A man walking to a basketball court when he was shot.(He’s in temp-serious condition) Police looking for suspect. (313) 596-1040.
3) A man was speeding and crashed into a pole – he had a gunshot wound and died at the hospital. Police have no suspects (313) 596-2260.
4) A 14-year-old is shot in the Harper/Bluehill area. Is listed in temp-serious condition. No suspects. (313) 596-5940.
5) A 15-year-old says he heard a shot and felt pain. Police investigation says it’s a possible self-inficted gun wound.
6) A backyard party is held in the 200 block of W. Greendale to celebrate the return of a person just released from jail … for being connected to an assault with intent to murder … during the party shots were fired and five people where struck. One person is dead. No suspects. Homicide unit at (313) 596-2260.
7) A man is changing a car tire in the 17300 block of Greenfield when he’s approached by the suspect(s) in an apparent robbery, he runs and is shot by the suspect(s). He is now in serious condition. Police have no suspects. Investigative Operations at (313) 596-5640.
8.) A 21-year-old man tries to help his mom during some type of fight with the suspect in the 9000 block of Robson. The suspect shot the son and kills him. Police list the suspect as a 39-year-old man. Homicide unit at (313) 596-2260.
9) A number of people were gambling, there was an incident and shots were fired. Two men were killed. A suspect was arrested in this incident.

Anyone with information on these crimes can also call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK- UP, or residents can anonymously provide crime tips to the Detroit Police Department (DPD) by sending a text message to 847411(TIP411).  All tips must begin with the letters DPD to reach Detroit Police.

Comments (11)
  1. Son of No Gun says:

    This is not going to fit well with the re-invention plans every recovery group in Detroit is working on. Not only does it reduce the Federal government funding based on population it gives a strong probability Detroit is hazardous to your life.

    This result reflects a massive 47% illiteracy rate in Detroit, an entrenched discipline of violent reactions to dispute and lack of gun control in America.

    But the major effect from these atrocities will be the killing of Detroit as a city.

  2. Tim Hurley says:

    No Jesus…no peace.

  3. carlos says:

    Just saw a book at my library and I live way in the rockies.It is a pictorial of the urban blight in Detroit an extensive collection ,photos taken off the same locations over several years.Spent time there as a child.

  4. Walter Frazer says:

    black is as black does


    I grew up in Baltimore in the 80s it was the same way.Not to long ago Baltimore was reported having over 300 murders in one year, therefore placing once again number one in the country as most murders in a year. Without love a people shall parish. Wheres the love baby wheres the love.

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