Gun Play Leads To Killing Of 14-Year-Old

DETROIT (WWJ) –   Police report that two teens were playing with a gun and now one is dead.

Detroit Police report that a 14-year-old boy is dead – the result of gun play with an 18-year-old. The two were allegely playing with a gun when it went off and killed the 14-year-old.

The suspect is in custody and the weapon has been recovered.


  • Son of No Gun

    Just a day after 15 people were shot and 6 killed another young Detroiter loses life to gun play. Playing with guns? Where is the NRA in all of this. They support the 2nd Amendment but fail to police and enforce human safety and security of gun usage. I fail to read, or hear, or see any action from the nation’s biggest proponent for fire arms. Charlton Heston’s cold dead hands have passed on to 7 former Detroiters this weekend. NRA needs to step up and provide support of safe gun usage and control in America instead of supporting Washington lobbyists

  • michael jeffrey slebodnick

    Silence and acceptance is as much as a crime as those doing these murders – until society rises up and peacefully and non violently demands an absolute end to the senseless waste of gun violence, it will go on and on. Unless you march, protest, demand action, and be silent no more, nothing will change – I challenge all those whom have kids to demand an end to the senseless use of guns to solve problems. Be silent no more – you just may save a life

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