Detroit 300: “Don’t Snitch, Just Tell” About Crime

DETROIT (WWJ) –  In the wake of a weekend of violence in the city, Detroit Minister and founder of the volunteer group, the ‘Detroit 300’: Malik Shabazz says the community needs to pull together and fight violent crime by reporting it.

“We say if you see a crime or know a crime after the fact, don’t snitch, just tell, don’t snitch, just stand up and tell, be a good neighbor,” said Shabazz.

“In actuality, if the country is in a great recession, then we are in a depression here in the 313 (Detroit) area. It’s the abject poverty but it is also the abject poverty of spirit,” added Shabazz.

Shabazz says ‘Detroit 300’ has 1,500 current volunteers, at any given time, patrolling the streets and buses in Detroit but he says that number is not enough.

“Increasing the hope, increasing the love, we’ve got to have active block clubs, with neighborhood watches, and God bless our senior citizens be a good neighbor, look out for your neighbor, cooperate with the police,” said Shabazz.

If you’d like information on how to help deter crime in the Motor City click on here.

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