DETROIT (WWJ) – Following a rash of violent crime, Detroit police are considering adding extra hours to their patrol shifts.

Speaking live on WWJ, Detroit Police Inspector Charles Wilson says this is not about paperwork, this is about amping their patrolling efforts:

“This is definitely about more police on the road, that’s the only way we are going to be able to actually, positively deter some of this crime and reduce some of this gun play that we are seeing over the past couple of weeks,” said Wilson.

Wilson says they will increase their patrol in certain targeted areas, if the hours are approved by their union and management.

Wilson says none of these shootings appear to be linked — but — they weren’t random either:

“Some of these shootings are actually between known perpetrators…some of the perpatrators and victims know each other in some type of relationship. What we are trying to do is to use our police presence to deter some of these events from happening,” said Wilson.

Wilson says that they are using anything they can use to get an increased presence on the streets.

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  1. Hryhoriy says:

    This is nothing. Just wait until obama’s entitlements for negros in Detroit is cut off!! That’s when the fun starts! Glenn Beck was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Detroit is doomed – without a doubt. This is only the beginning…rioting is just around the corner. Guaranteed.

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