DETROIT (WWJ) – Fifty pounds lighter due to what he says was the terrible prison food, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is again in the media spotlight.

Kilpatrick took a shot at Detroit’s current mayor during his appearance on a nationally syndicated radio show, blaming too much media coverage of himself.

“Unfortunately Mayor Bing has a problem connecting with people for a couple of reasons. One, it’s just hard for him to connect for various reasons and background and different things. But, then secondly, they’re talking about the old mayor every week,” said Kilpatrick, speaking to radio host Tom Joyner. “So, any strategy or program that he wants to move forward, it’s incredibly hard for him to do.”

“Fifteen or sixteen people getting shot over a weekend, that’s not Kwame Kilpatrick’s fault. But, if I can take responsibility for my failure, then some people need to take responsibility in the city and move the city forward. You can’t keep pointing your fingers at Kwame Kilpatrick and move the city forward,” Kilpatrick said.

Kilpatrick did make an admission of sorts, saying, about his affair, that he was “stupid as hell.”

“My failure did cause the city so much pain and anguish and national attention that we didn’t need at the time,” he said.

The ex-Mayor said he has no hard feelings against the people of Detroit. “They’ve understood what I’ve been through. They’ve understood my apology. They’ve forgiven, a lot of those people, me,” he said.

“In the city of Detroit — on Dexter, on Seven Mile, on Six Mile, east side, west side — I’m good. The people there understand what I’ve been through, they’ve understood my apology, they’ve forgiven,” Kilpatrick said.

On a personal note, he says his relationship with his wife is better than ever.

“I am the biggest advocate right now for marriage in the world. And, also, the biggest advocate for watching what you text,” said Kilpatrick.

As far as his mother, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick said she’s better than he’s ever seen her. He said she’s been spending time with her grandchildren and she’s happy to be out of Congress and is serving in different ways.

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  1. M Curry says:

    Everyone has done something that they are not proud of. God forgives us our sins and transgressions and teaches us to do the same. If we repent and try to do better, that is what counts. Mans forgiveness is good but God’s forgiveness is what really matters. People so quick to judge and ridicule KK, but what have YOU done, that the public does not know about? Start with the Man in the Mirror.

    1. Coleman Young says:

      Why do you forgive him? Please enlighten me. What has he EVER done to show remorse for all his ill he has done to Detroit?


      All he does is talk about himself in the third person. I dont even think he lives in reality anymore. Until you were a victim of one of Kwame’s schemes, then please dont come here and say God is forgiving about someone who could care less about God, but only about Kwame

  2. blh says:

    Now is not the time for Kwame to be in the public eye, especially with his pending federal charges. Go to Dallas and live your life for the better, but stay out of the news. That is all. Let’s forgive, AND forget–move on. Kwame who? That’s better. Now go away.

  3. JL says:

    “The ex-Mayor said he has no hard feelings against the people of Detroit.”
    Really!?! Are you kidding me? He is so far from reality there must be mutiple psychological problems in his head. A comment above said to start with the man in the mirror, so when you look in the mirror Kwame can you please understand to make the world a better place you need to GO AWAY and NEVER RETURN!

  4. JL says:

    BTW- that’s “multiple problems!”

  5. Samson says:

    KK still believes he is good for Detroit …. Perhaps the only person that thinks so is his mother. His father just used him… And now it becomes clear as day. The Feds are gonna getcha bro…. You too daddy! Lol

  6. Karlita says:

    Memo to KK ……. Nobody cares about you. Noooobody! But you still owe us a lot money. We want it back!

  7. Richard Hyska says:

    Kwame: “Detroit, you done set me up for a comeback..” Yeah, to come back and face federal charges next September!

  8. bill-ex detroitet says:

    what an imagination !!! LOL

  9. Coleman Young says:

    To Kwame.

    The City of Detroit has NOT forgiven you, nor will they ever. You alone caused the city to crumble, leading to a mass exodus of the city proper. You raped the city, you stole from the city, you bribed city officials, you were using taxpayer money to fund your illegal prostitution filled parties (of which Tamara Green was murdered), you have ONLY cared about Kwame, no one else.

    Go away, never come back and stop pretending everything is about YOU.
    All you are is a thug and criminal. Nothing more. If your wife takes you back she is a fool. You are a selfish punk and will just use her forgiveness to your advantage. That is what you are.

  10. Gary R. says:

    the City of Detroit has no Love for him. As a Detroiter I no Just pay your tab. We’ll get along better without you or your comments. You’ve done the city wrong and you know this.

  11. Kwame Kilstupid says:

    he needs to go back to jail im pretty sure his boyfriend misses him
    what a loser

  12. mike says:

    Pearls of wisdom coming from a crook, really? Why would you give this crook any credibility by letting him speak his uneducated swill in any venue? Go to jail Kwami and serve your time. The pay Detroit what you owe them.

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