Detroit Police To Cut Back On Alarm Response

DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit police are making some changes regarding burglar alarms in what appears to be an attempt to keep more officers on the streets.

A memo, obtained by WWJ Newsradio 950, says the Detroit Police Department has reviewed calls for service and found that false alarms have the greatest financial and staffing impact on the department.

According to the memo, sent to alarm companies and signed by Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, 98 percent of alarms handled by the DPD are false.

Effective Monday, August 22, the police department will no longer respond to burglar alarm calls from monitoring companies unless the alarm company verifies the alarm.

The memo does note that the DPD will continue to respond to human-activated alarms, including hold-up, panic or duress.

WWJ spoke with Guardian Alarm President David Goldstein who said it’s not easy to verify alarm calls.

“One way is thorough video verification, which minimal people have, particularly in the home,” he said. “Secondly would be having an alarm company go to the premises and verify that there is a need for a Detroit dispatch, which is fine and we’re more than willing to do that,” adding that this additional service won’t be free.

“Fortunately, Guardian Alarm has its own guard company. We run a guard dispatch, not only through our alarms but for physical security around the city of Detroit, and we’re capable of doing that. But, unfortunately, with that comes cost,” he said.

Goldstein is concerned that this new policy is being implemented next week, saying that doesn’t give businesses, homeowners, and alarm companies much time to prepare for the change.

View a copy of the memo (.pdf format) –

The changes will take effect a little over a week following a 24-hour rash of gun violence in the city, during which 16 people were shot and seven were killed.

WWJ has a call in to Detroit Police for comment.

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  • Glenda Kitchel

    I guess home owners should have a gun handy then/1

    • RS

      Time to buy a gun!

    • John

      They really don’t respond anyway. I thought the point was to catch them in the act. I was cleaned out 3 times in 18 months according to my alarm there were 3 additional attempts. Verify the police are needed. What does that mean. They should authorize folks to come and make out the report. The latest now is to rip the contol panel and the entire systems off the wall. there is no reason to live in the city. None.

    • HarryK

      If the homeowner is home they can send a manual alarm or verify the automatic alarm. This is a problem when no one is home. If no one is home a gun is pointless.

      • Mike

        Yeah Harry, having a gun is pointless. Where do people like you come from? The poster was correct a person in Detroit needs a gun. I can guarantee the DPD doesn’t respond to most alarms, unless it is someone they are related to or someone that they are collecting payola from, and they haven’t since Coleman destroyed the city.

      • Jason

        Yeah Andrew, and you got your mindless bed wetting anti-gun apologist drool coming down your chin. So you and Mike are both even.

      • Andrew

        I’m pretty sure it’s people who fear leaving the house without their guns who are the bed wetters.

      • Eric

        Andrew, I think Mike meant an automated sentry gun, duh.

      • Andrew

        Congratulations, Mike, on completely missing his point. You got your brain dead pro gun rant in there though. So nice job.

    • nvslurker

      Cut your finger nails.

    • Detroitistoast

      If we sign off on our glorious leader’s class warfare mindset, we know only the millionaires and billionaires who fly jets and prey on the poor can afford to have alarm systems anyway, so why worry?

  • Kurt

    “When They Kick In Your Front Door, How You Gonna Come With Your Hands On Your Head Or The Trigger Of Your Gun”

  • Marot

    Detroit is finished its on the way to Mad Max, choas, strong preying upon the weak, armed gangs, bankrupt government, your on your own, if you are unable to leave buy a shotgun defend yourself shot the animals.

    • Andrew

      Learn how to spell, you despicable moron.

      • Zakk

        How about you quit trolling everyone with whom you disagree, and actually make an attempt to articulate a point?

  • An Editor

    “That can be by have a security guard go to the business or home and verify an officer needs to respond,”

    Another world class report filed by CBS. No wonder nobody signs their name to these stories.

    • Jamal el Jamal

      The whole article is hard to read. I had to read some parts two and three times, then I still shook my head and gave up trying to understand.

    • Andy

      I have noticed this more and more lately. Online articles are written horribly, with grammar errors, spelling errors, and just general common sense errors. In my area (SF Bay Area), this is mostly because the reporters are Asian and use English as a second language. For example, instead of saying, “The man came home and found his home burglarized”, they will write, “Man come home and find house burglar”. They write just like they speak. What has happened to my country?

      • dude

        It’s been out-sourced.

  • MikeJHa

    “That can be by have a security guard go to the business or home and verify an officer needs to respond, ”
    Pathetic, Do you even glance at the articles before they go up?

  • jmflynny

    The solution to the 98% of automatic alarms which are false is to fine the owners or operators of those alarms NOT to fail to respond to them. The point should be to stop the bad behavior, NOT to ignore a cry for help.

    If an alarm goes off in the middle of the night and someone is overtaken, answering the phone to verify the call may not be an option. And, people do not carry panic buttons on their person.

    This is a very, very bad response to a problem but, HEY!, why deal with the issue when you can just ignore it?


    • Jimmy

      Part of the problem, besides Detroit itself, is that alarm companies offer a service that depends on remote monitoring and an expectation that local law enforcement will do the actual security. A group of thugs can just set off a bunch of alarms and get the police running in circles while they clean up.

      Alarm companies should not be albe to make money selling a service that relies on the taxpayer to fund the actual response.

      • Corners

        The problem with this logic is, the alarm owners are tax payers themselves, and have paid to have these services available. The alarm company is just calling on the tax payer’s behalf.

        Or, are you saying if you have an alarm company with an armed response team, you shouldn’t have to pay taxes?

      • Steve Goodman

        The alarm company business is nothing more than a scam that preys on people’s fear and paranoia. They take money from people and expect the police to do all the work for them. As someone who knows how the whole process works, even if the police were right around the corner you still would not be able to catch the thief. It’s all just a scam to make people feel safe.

      • dunce

        The alarm company said they would personally respond but at a an extra cost. No services are free even if you are not billed personally when you call the police, the bill goes out to the taxpayers once a year. One half the people nation wide do not pay income tax and the % is higher in detroit. There are govt. supplied services but there are no free services. The burglars are just carrying out obamas policy of redistributing the wealth at the local level with their own community organization.

  • John Rowse

    The average house in the Detroit area is worth about thirty five dollars ($35) market value. Gasoline costs about $3.50/gal. so it is not cost effective to torch houses in Detroit. Paying Detroit cops minimum wage to answer alarm calls is also a waste. Rather than test nuclear weapons in the desert, the federal government should use Detroit as a nuclear device testing area.

    • Andrew

      Making up random nonsense must be fun.

      • Andrews landlord

        Living in a fantasy world where others carry your worthless non producing fanny through life must be terrible. I can’t imagine depending on other people to feed, and clothe me as well as keep a roof over my head. If you ever earn enough income to pay taxes your views will change,

  • Jim Strathmeyer

    People with stuff worth stealing still live in Detroit?

  • Wal Man

    You all don’t paint a pretty picture.

  • Bill Jones

    Just charge the business for false alarms. $50.00 first false alarm , $200 for secon false alrm.
    That’s what we do in Phoenix. Very few false alrms.

  • jerrykregle

    SO WHAT OTHER “reported” crimes are you choosing NOT to respond to

    • Ken pennington

      And tell the whole world(unbelievable )

  • skippy777


  • skippy777

    detroit…so sad…there a pics of detriot on utube….detroit 1965…it was the most beaurtiful city in america….it was stunning…now it is little africa

  • skippy777

    det roit is now det riot

  • skippy777

    ovomit avoids detroit….all are too stoned to vote on election day or any day.

  • James Torguson


    But, the police are still able to retire at an age 10 -25 years younger than the tax payers that pay their salary and benefits, and….

    AND, in the age AGE OF OBAMA, that is really matters!

    (Their union gives money to Democrats!)

  • Alan

    Good for Detroit! Many cities across the country have taken this same approach. Las Vegas Metro has done this since the 1990’s with no problem. The alarm industry perpetrates a huge hoax on all alarm owners by making them think a police response to a burglar alarm actually prevents burglaries or results in the apprehension of burglars. It does not and statistics from police departments across the country prove this. The alarm industry peddles fear to sell their alarms and keep the cops running from one false alarm to the other while they rake in the profits and tax payers (including those who don’t own alarms) foot the bill. Sickening.

  • John Park

    Notice that 98% of house alarms are false. Companies like ADT want you to think that your alarm is going to only go off if some big man is kicking your door in when things like the wind, rain or any sort of power disturbance will set it off every time. Not that I think this will lead to less fear-mongering on the part of alarm company commercials or employees.

  • Redz

    The real reason Detroit Police Department isn’t going to respond to burglar alarms, is because they don’t want to have to arrest members of their own department committing felony burglaries.

    Telling criminals in their Department that they can just bust into businesses they know have automated alarms, gives them free rein at committing felony burglaries without their department getting embarrassed at having more of their own arrested for burglarizing businesses,

  • Duane Seybold

    If you still live in Detroit ( I used to, but no longer) remember this: If trouble is approaching, it is time to use the 911 feature. If trouble is there, it is time to use the .357 feature.

  • Dean

    Typical demonrat run city.

    • Tired of TROLLS

      moron- You are probably what you accuse the original poster of being. Why don’t you go back to viewing porn and let the grown ups talk.

    • Andrew

      Wow, you’re very witty and clearly an intelligent person.

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  • plp1676

    Please Detroit would make a great urban warfare training facility for the Military. More Dangerous than Kabul, and filled with lots of hostiles with guns. Would love to see some carpet bombing. Detroit is what happens when whites get chased out.

    • Andrew

      How is it to be wallowing in violent racist fantasies?

  • Michael

    Sounds like something Kwami would do. Why respond to crime? Let’s just support crime by letting all the thugs know we are not going to respond to cry’s for help coming from the poor people of Detroit. That makes no sense. But, neither did Kwami’s regime. You go Bing! Nice job!

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  • Hank Warren

    Useless cops too busy writing speeding tix to protect homeowners, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • killerbee

      You had me right up until you mentioned that nutty Ron Paul. Now put some tin foil on your head.

    • HillStreetBoozer

      I’m really starting to question your posts. You have one sentence that is relevant to the topic and then it’s a cut&paste spam message. It’s getting boring…

  • W. Palms

    Detroit has been doing this for YEARS. Only now, is there official confirmation. There are plenty of unwritten policies in the “Dee”– like 4 hour response times. DPD will respond to a shooting, stabbing, biting, etc.. 4 hours after citizens call– just to let all the brain dead gawking zombies disperse. Standard Operating Procedure.

  • Walter

    We should have kept the canal and given them Detroit!

  • bob

    Sounds like they need Robocop. Either that, or realize that democrats running a city typically run it down the toilet. See:Chicago.

  • Joe Lucido

    Well, why don’t we tell the criminal world that they can go ahead and break into any store or shop that has an automatic alarm system without fear they are going to have to get away fast because the police are coming.

    So remember boys and girls, only break into a store that has an alarm system, because the police are not coming to get you.

    Wow, the genius of our police officials is just amazing.

  • Jeff

    Does this mean that home and business owners should consider themselves free to booby-trap their property, since the city and the police are essentially telling them they are on their own against burglars? I suspect, however, that the police would have plenty of time to arrest and prosecute the home or business owner who sets a trap which maims or kills a would be burglar or robber.

    • I P Standing

      Very true in florida also,,,One of my ex wives and a man friend broke into my home where I lived alone ,were offended by my security and had me arrested,,my crime scene my home,,after spending the night in jail,,producing the burglary report i filed ,having to hire a defense attorny,,I was “expunged ” by the state of florida.They only “wanted property not to cause a crime”,,Florida ,the crime and drug capital of north america.Where mothers routinely kill thier children and walk.

      • Andrew

        There’s no punctuation in the English language that constists of two commas in a row.

  • Mark Hillyard

    Why don’t they just set up a photo/fax alarm and ask the perp to pose and then press send?


    Hey, I’ve got an idea. How about not telling the bad guys what you aren’t going to respond to?


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  • Robert Haver

    I don’t mean to point out the obvious, but isn’t this announcing to B&E criminals that they now have a window of opportunity? I’m guessing that the 98% number will soon be lower. Oh yeah, vote Ron Paul.

  • Detroit Police Have Given Up on Burglar Alarms [Crime] | Modern Techie

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  • frank

    Why not help Detroit with money, instead of giveing it to country’s that hate us.

  • Lewis Barry

    police no longer go after criminals, they go after tax paying citizens with unfair laws so the state can take your money. when they arrest a real criminal they have to let him go because he has rights, and the judges are more then willing to let them go because who in there right mind would commit a crime agaist a judge… the whole system is run by corrupt lawyers, whoever said crime doesnt pay wasnt a lawyer or judge, it pays them very well

  • Detroit Police To Cut Back On Alarm Response | CBS Detroit « lacydelagarza

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  • nvslurker

    The money saved by police not answering alarms will result in:
    1) More autopsies in the coroner’s office
    2) A decrease in the black populace.

  • Detroit Police To Cut Back On Alarm Response « CBS Detroit | A Bulwark Alarm Website

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  • DAvid

    Wow why dont we just hand them are keys, and look after everything while were awayhuh!

  • Alarm Company Making Donations For Detroit Police Response « CBS Detroit

    […] The change has been described as an effort to free up more officers to respond to other emergencies instead of numerous false alarms. At the time, the department said 98 percent of alarms they handle are false. […]

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