Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 8-16-11

Reality shows involving the Dalai Lama…
10. Keeping up with the Lama’s
9. Tibet shore : 8 crazy oiled-up tibetans getting tea crunk, tanning on the mountain, and having a little too much fun with tibetan mountain goats
8. Other reality shows the dalai lama will appear on? The Spiritual World. Find out what happens when people stop being nice and start being spirtual. –mike
7. Another reality show for the Dolly Lama. . . . Rickshaw confessions. . Mike at work
6. Property virgins…the virgins part is literal! From K in the studio.
5. Other TV shows for the Dali Lama?… “So You Think You Can Meditate”… Brendan white Lake
4. Other shows the Dalai Lama would appear on… MTV’s new spin off gameshow hosted by Wilmer Valderrama called “YO LAMA” (steve at a desk)
3. “The weakest monk”. Eric in the AP
2. Diners, Drive ins and Temples. Darren
1. New TV show for Dalii Lama?…”2 and 1/2 ZEN”… Brendan white lake


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