Japanese Car Companies Bounce Back After Disaster

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  autos arrows plug v2 Japanese Car Companies Bounce Back After Disaster

DETROIT (WWJ) – Japanese car companies appear to be bouncing back from the devastation of last March’s earthquake and tsunami.

A new survey of customer satisfaction among car owners puts Toyota and Lexus at the top, followed by Cadillac.

Claes Fornell is a professor of business at the University of Michigan, and he says the “Detroit Three” had better take notice.

“I think they really have to pay attention to what customers are saying and if you have weaker satisfaction than the other guys and the other guys are using price promotions and various incentives, you probably have to do that too.”

Toyota owners count themselves among the most satisfied despite all the bad publicity generated by the recall of millions of vehicles. The survey is called the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Read more here.

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