Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 8-17-11

How did Madonna celebrate her 53rd birthday?
10. By vogue-ing of course! greg
9. A Torpedo bra with extra support to prevent sagging…from fred in redford
8. Not only is Madonna celebrating her 53rd bday, she is also celebrating the 18th bday of her british accent. – Johnny B
7. I don’t know what to expect from Madonna being 53, but I bet something young and Latino jumped out of her cake From: Steve in Detroit
6. On Madonna’s 53rd b-day, she’s gonna call the Ticket and let Gator know how old she is! Joe in Flint
5. How did Madonna celebrate: she took her kids to see that new movie Papa Smurf Don’t Preach. Bp
4. Madonna celebrated her birthday by inviting Furbush, Wang, and Fister over for a private party. Skat from t-town
Madonna will star in skellitor 2, grandmother’s revenge. Cullen in Livonia
3. What to expect for Maddona’s 53rd birthday? Ensurebombs, ensurebombs, ensurebombs! Sheldon in a crane
2. Madonna at 53 – she updated Like A Virgin – new title is “Like A Milf” – paul Canton
1. Madonna at 53 – During concerts she will turn stage lights on and off with a Clapper. P


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