Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 8-18-11

What we can expect from an 11 year old mayor?
10. What to expect from an 11 yr old mayor, the guarrenteed millage approval of a life size candyland boardgame in all schools
9. 11 year old mayor is imune from the koodies for 1 day. Jdub
8. what to expect from an 11 year old mayor? expect mark sanchez, roger clemons and r kelly at her door step. Rick @ work
7. 11-year old mayor declared “The root beer is on me!” -Nathan in a truck
6. Things to expectfrom an 11 yr old mayor?..:The fire hydrants will no longer be filled with water but with red Kool-Aid instead. Ryan Flint
5. what to expect from 11 year old Mayor – all city owned vehicles will be replaced with Big Wheels. Paul
4. All new house’s would be made out of Lego’s
3. What to expect from an 11 yr old Mayor… a huge text message scandal related to harry potter topics…Craig
2. What did the 11 year old mayor do? I dunno, but I heard roger goodell advised him on what he should do. From joe
1. what to expect from an 11 yr old Mayor.. city council members will be determined by their Xbox skills…


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