DETROIT (WWJ) – A rally will be held in Southwest Detroit this weekend to protest treatment of certain ethnic groups crossing borders into the United States.

Dawud Walid, Executive Director of the Council On American Islamic Relations, explained that the event will focus on racial profiling by border authorities.

“We want to show to the broader public how the rules and regulations, in terms of profiling, are being bent and that minority communities, people of color, are bing negatively effected in terms of the enforcement or mis-enforcement of certain governmental policies,” said Walid.

Talking to WWJ Newsradio 950’s Pat Sweeting, Walid said its necessary for the community to become involved in efforts like this to tell lawmakers the ethnic profiling of members of the Latinos and Muslim-Americans is not an effective way to protect communities.

“As a people we have power to speak out. We live in a democratic society and we have to exercise our right to speak out against injustice wherever we see it,” said Walid.

The rally is planned for Noon on Saturday, August 20, in Clark Park.

Comments (3)
  1. Get Real for America says:

    If undesired persons (terrorists, illegal aliens, drug smugglers) frequently meet certain racial, age or gender criteria, then it is an unfortunate but logical by-product that innocent persons that meet those same criteria should be given increased scrutiny at the border. Ignoring that logic will result in decreased efficiency at border crossings and reduced security. It is patriotic and heroic to recognize this when you are an innocent person that meets the criteria for an increased search. I salute those Americans who endure it without complaint in the name of a safer America.

    1. paperjihad says:

      I can’t think of a single terrorism case that was ‘cracked’ by profiling. Can you?

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