DETROIT (WWJ) – Getting back into study mode can be tough after a long, fun summer. So, grab a highlighter and take note of these easy ideas for finding and creating the perfect homework space for back-to-school success.

Designated space. Designate a set place in your home for your child to study. For younger children, make the space someplace you can easily supervise the work and be readily available to answer questions. For older children, their bedroom is an ideal location because it gives them a quiet place to focus.

Table it. Classrooms have desks and chairs instead of couches and beds to keep students alert. The same should hold true at home. Make sure your child has a designated desk or table to use for studying and doing homework.  If you don’t have the space for a desk, a small folding table is the perfect size for a small student desk and it can easily be folded and stored on the weekends when homework is out of sight.

Table space. Making sure your child has a desk or table is important. But, it also needs to be the appropriate size. Middle school and high school students often have multiple items in use at the same time. Consider using a larger folding table, which come in fixed or adjustable height styles, for an economical solution for more space.

Light bright. Your child’s homework space should be well-lit to provide good reading light, as well as to keep your child alert while studying. Placing your child’s desk near a window for natural lighting also will help brighten his or her homework mood.

Shhhhhhhh. Study halls require students to be quiet while studying and so should you. Keep your child’s homework space free from noise distractions. Kids will complain, but that means no TV, no radio, no iPods, no video games, no cell phones, etc. Parents and other siblings should also abide by this rule and be quiet in and around the homework space.

Do you have any homework study zone suggestions? Leave your comments below.

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