Ways to tell if someone lets one go in the dugout…
10. Ways to know who broke wind in the dugout…Look for the old English skid mark! Tim Sterling hts.
9. Ways to tell someone passed gas in the Tigers dugout….Tropicana Field is now referred to as The Dutch Oven. Jackson
8. Ways to know: Alex Avila traded in his catchers mask for a gas mask. Brett
7. Ways to know: Papa Grande went on the DL after pulling a finger.
6. Everyone in the dugout is giving the gene lamont “windmill”
5. ways to tell someone let it rip in the dugout….papa grande was doing his strikeout dance and he wasn’t even pitching. Rick@work
4. How to tell someone in the dugout farted? Instead of pointing to the sky Phil Coke immediately points to Rayburn! UNT
3. Ways to know: they sent Brandon Inge back to the farm where his crop dusting skills would be more useful.
2. Ways to tell someone farted in the dugout? Jarrod Weaver got pissed at Maggs when he was admiring it. UNT
1. Feedback fun: because both of max scherzers eyes turned brown adam in Northville


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