Karsch And Anderson Top Ten: Fans Weigh In On What Caused The Earthquake

Instant Feedback Fun. What caused the earthquake?
10. I’m not sure what caused the earthquake, but hear Stafford is out for the season because of it. Jim in Clinton Twp.
9. What caused the earthquake? That wasn’t an earthquake, that was just Brian Cushing putting his weights down. Brett in Grosse Ile
8. What caused the earthquake? The Tigers are in first place after the All Star break. The Lions are winning football games. It’s clear…It’s the end of the world. Jeff in Ira
7. What caused the earthquake? Kris Humphries dropped Kim Kardashian while trying to carry her over the threshold. – Scott in Dearborn
6. What caused the earthquake?…Rod Allen finally caught that Japanese pitcher and opened up a can on him. Logan
5. What caused the earthquake: It was the aftershock from Suh’s hit on Andy Dolton, expect a Suh-nami later this week.
4. What caused the earthquake? I don’t know, but Rod Allen thought the earthquake was “Virginia strong”. Erik in Rochester
3. I don’t know but Rod Allen said “I feel earthquake!”
2. Earthquake- Terrelle Pryor will tell you what caused the earthquake if you buy him a tattoo. Pat in Farmington
1. What caused the great Detroit quake? I dunno but Miguel Cabrera has that smirk on his face again. Mike from Ann Arbor

  • Bob

    Al Gore claims he caused it!

  • George

    It was the FOX SPORTS Detroit girl, with the HUGE HEAD, whom Gator likes, but has NO shot at, who caused it. When they did the shot of the pair running from the Tigers’ bullpen, her oversized dome shook the earth

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