Parkour Plus! Free-Running Contest Comes to Detroit

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Have you ever heard of Parkour?

You will this weekend.

The Red Bull Free Running Global Championship is being held in Detroit Friday and Saturday. Contestants do things like jumps, twists and flips while they hurl themselves from urban walls and roofs.

The first  competition will take place at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit on Friday. Doors will open at 4 PM.  Twenty competitors will each be given 90 seconds to  perform.

Saturday the final event will begin at 5 PM at Hart Plaza.  Both events are free and open to the public.

One athlete will be crowned the 2011 Red Bull Art of Motion Global Champion.

If you’d like to know more about Parkour, check out this video starring a Frenchman, named David Belle. He’s considered the “father” of Parkour.  He’s pretty incredible.

Ok.  And here’s another SHORT one. (It’s funny.) Starring David Belle.

For more information on this weekend’s competition in Detroit, click on this link.

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