Is Denard Robinson under center for Michigan the best thing for the Wolverines?

I say yes if he can find some help running the ball. If Robinson is clearly still UM’s best ball carrier.

This year Michigan will again be in trouble in big games. Teams can take one player out of the game.

We saw it last year. Shot gun or not Robinson needs somebody else to carry the load on the ground. Somebody special.

Is Mike Cox being the NO.1 back for the Wolverines good news?
No. Mike Cox being the leader with less than two weeks to go till the opener is bad news for UM.

I was hoping to hear that Thomas Rawls the true freshman had grabbed the number one spot. Or that Fitz Toussaint looked like the best back heading into the season. I’ve seen Toussaint vs. Cox and it means to me that Toussaint is banged up. I also hear that Rawls is probably the best back at Michigan right now but another situation could be holding the true freshman back here in late August.

Mike Martin is a stud for sure anybody else on defense to look out for? After Martin I think the three biggest stand outs on defense will be Craig Roh, Jibreel Black and Jake Ryan.

Will Michigan beat Michigan State Oct 15th ?
Yes of course. That’s what I always say, but the Spartans look pretty good talent wise to me on paper and with the game in East Lansing this year I can’t pick the Wolverines in August.

What’s Brady Hoke have to do for fans to believe he’s the right man at Michigan?

Hoke has to win at least 7 games and show something else tangible to believe in him. Beating Michigan State, Wisconsin or Ohio State would be the obvious thing to do.

Really improving defense and special teams and playing those teams four quarters would do for starters too.

  1. shallowcal says:

    would be great to see a healthy toussaint. especially if you can throw in a change of pace back that can break a big one. toussaint is definitely a guy i see being able to carry the ball 20-25 times a game when healthy.

    the defense will be much improved this year if they can actually stay healthy. hopefully their strong defensive front can help out a weaker secondary.
    (oh and dennis, michigan doesnt play wisco for 4 years because of the new divisions. kind of a shame)

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