By a) Mike Stone

Detroit Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland joined Bill, Sara, and myself Thursday for an on-air talk where  we spoke about everything from Verlander for MVP, sunflower seeds, lineups, and even his nephew playing football at Michigan. But the big story was his view on the ending of Wednesday night’s game. And Leyland revealed something all Tigers’ fans will want to know: He did not talk to Inge after the big play. 

The first thing Stoney asked the skipper was his take on the play Brandon Inge made last night at third base. Leyland said, “it was a judgement play, really had a couple different things to do.” Leyland added, “all Brandon had to do was run over to third base and touch the bag.”

Stoney asked if he had talked to Inge after the play and Leyland added: “I didn’t last night, I don’t think that is the time to talk to a player about the play.”

When callers wanted to know about the replacement of Brennan Boesch with Don Kelly, Leyland said, “Boesch is hurt and wasn’t a defensive replacement.”

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  1. DShaker15 says:

    well its good to see that 97.1 lives up to their standards of complaining about something that a Detroit players does that they dont like or agree with..if Inge had made that force out at second we would not have heard a word about it ..its good to see that the staion has nothing better to

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