MOUNT CLEMENS (WWJ) – The Macomb County Sheriff’s office is investigating allegations that a janitor who worked at a Mount Clemens school impregnated an 11-year-old girl.

The 28-year-old janitor was employed by a private firm, but worked for a month or two at the Prevail Academy School, a charter school on Cass Avenue near Grosebeck Highway.

The young student, who is now 12-years-old, reportedly had the baby earlier this month.

Sheriff Anthony Wickersham told WWJ Newsradio 950 this could be the youngest girl he’s seen in a case like this.  He said, as far as the janitor’s involvement, it’s only an allegation that is being investigated.

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas reports the janitor has ties to the girl’s family and may have been dating the girl’s mother.

Wickercham said investigators are working to contact the janitor for questioning.

Meanwhile, the school’s spokeswoman Tina Kozak said they are keeping parents up to date.

“The school has an excellent reputation. We’ve been communicating with the parents to the extent that we can,” said Kosak.

“We obviously can’t say a whole lot because the investigation is ongoing. But we’ll continue to communicate with the parents to bring them back to this, and all of the National Heritage Academies,” she said.

Comments (17)
  1. Ms GG says:

    What the H–L is going on this janitor is a rapist and pedophile, he should not be questioned he should be in jail or worse.

    1. Adam says:

      In this country, since the Salem witch trials, we try to judge people based on facts, not naked allegations. Thus, the need to questions and investigate.

  2. Mark Summers says:

    Really? That’s the picture you’re using for this story? Is that the REAL baby born? You don’t have ANYTHING better?

  3. Look up the word "investigating" says:

    Nothing like jumping to conclusions there Ms GG. You are the exact kind of moron that the media feeds off. Glad they didn’t print his name, you’d be out front of his house with a pitchfork, huh? Based on an allegation…

  4. Jan Scholl says:

    1971, a ten year old girl became pregnant by her brother in law. Mom and dad (a preacher) made her keep the baby. She thought it was a doll. Wayne County. No charges files. I knew her. Utterly that saddest thing I knew as a high school student.

    1. Adam says:

      Did she ever find out that it wasn’t a doll or did they mummify it or something?

  5. Cameo says:

    WOW! Really, look at the facts. Little girl, baby and a dad not claiming it. Should be pretty easy to crack. They have a suspect, now get some blood! DNA will show all. Get him!!!! I hope the parents of the girl ,really spend time with healing the horrible things that she incounterd. On another hand, if that was my little girl. The guy would already be behind bars, befor the baby came. What is to come of the baby! someone needs to do more than what they are doing. They should already have the man in custody.

    1. Adam says:

      Careful Cameo, Ms GG does not like all this talk of investigation. If you don’t watch it, you may find allegations against yourself and you know what Ms GG will want to have happen to you then!

  6. BJB says:

    You have to wonder why the mother never reported that her 11 year old daughter was pregnant. She as well as the janitor should be investigated.

  7. Dr. Suess says:

    The police should arrest the mother. How on Gods earth could she not tell that her child….. Her child only 11 years old is pregnant? The mother is just as much at fault and blame!!!

  8. Woody Becker says:

    Ahhh…must be oaky, liberals seem to think everything else is okay!

  9. Woof says:

    Pingback, you obviously know less than zero about liberals. That was a really neanderthal and useless comment, totally non-constructive.

  10. BuffersT says:

    How on earth can a pre-pubescent aged girl get pregnant? Not old enough to have gone through puberty yet. Janitor is SICK!

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