DETROIT (WWJ) – There appears to be increasing pressure against Michigan’s ban on smoking in public workplaces.

The law is now more than a year old, and many restaurants and businesses say the smoking ban has been devastating to their bottom line.

WWJ’s Rob Sanford spoke with Peter Ruddell of the American Heart Association, who said he thinks it’s been a real plus for the state.

“From a big picture level, it’s been a positive for Michigan’s economy. You know, I think that there are probably some who would argue that there are some particular businesses that have suffered, but I can’t dispute that,” Ruddell said.

A new effort has been launched by restaurant and bar owners to ban state lawmakers from their places of businesses. (Read more here) The ban would begin on October 1st.

Comments (3)
  1. Art Again says:

    State businesses banning lawmakers or any one section of society bare the ire of
    the U S Justice Department, the State of Michigan Attorney General’s office and
    local police and sheriffs departments. It is against the law to bar peoples from your
    businesses. And morally reprehensible, the citizens of these communities should
    report these disingenuous retailers for what they really are, money hungry and
    greedy leeches.

  2. Sick of SPICCKS says:


  3. Old Crank Redemption says:

    All in favor of smoking, eating more, getting hign on dope, driving fast on the highway, remaining under educated and being unemployable raise your hand and the attendant will remove you from this state.

    Michigan needs to get smarter, healthier and economically capable. This is not the state I thought I’d grow up to live in. I did my part to improve but lots of people are dragging it down.

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