DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit Public Schools’ high-energy Back-to-School Parade and Rally are back for the third year in a row, on a new weekend day with a brand new Education and Enrollment Expo that will offer parents a one-stop opportunity to enroll in DPS and get their children ready for school.

Gospel artist Vickie Winans will host the rally and serve as grand marshal for the parade, which will include Curious George, the return of the All City Marching Band and classic parade floats.

The high-stepping parade will be bigger and better this year. It will begin at 11:00 a.m. at Grand Circus Park and make its way down Woodward Avenue past the iconic Spirit of Detroit statue, which is dressed for the occasion in a signature blue DPS shirt, and end up at Hart Plaza, where the rally and expo will take place.

The rally will kick off at 12:00 pm in the Hart Plaza Amphitheater and will include major school supply and backpack giveaways, free food, free immunizations, school uniform giveaways, a marching band showdown between Cass Technical High School and Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School and more.

The expo will also feature representatives from every DPS school, who will be prepared to answer parents’ questions. Various district department representatives will be on hand to help parents enroll and help parents with questions on transportation, food service and other services.

The events are part of the district’s comprehensive 2011 Back-to-School enrollment campaign, which has an added emphasis on attendance on the first day of teaching and learning, September 6. The overall goal of the campaign is to help the district meet or exceed its budgeted target of 65,834 students by halting exodus to other districts and competing charter schools.

The DPS Education and Enrollment Expo Day will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 27 in Downtown Detroit.

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  1. Out of Gas and Coasting to a Stop says:

    Detroit’s illiteracy rate today is 47%

    After all the marches, the rallys, the demonstrations and special projects, afterall all the high profile leadership with Ph.D’s, LLD’s, MBA’s, after all the lifting of voices, joining of hands and encouragements, after all this is done I predict Detroit’s illiteracy rate in a couple of years will be 57%

    Look, you can’t pull a person to intelligence. They need to see its advantage and want it. Learning is a push effort, not a pull effort. I see too many pulling on the mental strings of people who would rather coast for living. Becoming a smart productive element in a society requires personal drive, personal ambition, hard work habit, hard dedication habit and the desire to be something better than a slug at the bottom of a cesspool. This comes from family values and passing the baton onto the next generation.

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