DETROIT (WWJ) – We’re getting into the peak of the summer driving season and with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, there is bound to be some sort of disruption in the gasoline supply chain.

Gregg LasKoski with said with a few small refineries shut down because of the storm, we could see quite an increase at the pump.

“The best case scenario would have these refineries coming back online from anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks before they’re back and fully operational. And that’s why we’re anticipating a tightness in the gasoline supply and typically we see a spike in prices at the pump.”

Laskoski also said the increase could last several weeks.

“Conservatively speaking, it could be anywhere from 20 cents a gallon to 50 cents a gallon, and I couldn’t even guess what the period of time would be. But, in previous occasions, it’s lasted several weeks when there was a spike, and then we would start to see prices come back.”

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  1. mike says:

    Send an inspector to see just how much the crooked refineries were effected by the storm. If the drag their heels, lock them up. I’m sick of the lies and getting raped by crooks. The should have a massive slush fund by now with all the illegal price gouging they’ve been doing over the last ten years.

    1. Out of gas and coasting to a stop says:

      Mike is right.

      If little Tommy scratches his knee gas prices go up
      If Mary’s kitten rolls over gas prices go up
      If Detroit’s weather looks cloudy or hazy gas prices go up.

      And we have genius spokes person for the gas companies to provide stupendously stupid reasons. Its no coincidence oil and gas manufactureres profits soar at the expense of price gouging

      This is economic robbery that comes from a monopoly. Lets put some law into it.

  2. Bob says:

    50$ a week i put into my CAR just to go to work, that figures to 10% of my income, not including more if i visit family, or go to a ‘free’ event because no one can afford pay and drive places. When will the correlation of high gas price gouging and the ‘recession’ sink in?. And yes quotation on recession because it is formed by stagnant wages, corporate greed/hyper inflation, and hyper taxation of the working poor. Not to forget the governments only cuts are aimed at programs that benefit society as a whole and not their ‘free rides’ on our backs. When will Americans stand up and unite. My grandfather who fought for our freedoms has to be rolling in his grave in disgust at how people have become complacent, self centered, and un unified.

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