DETROIT (WWJ) – The gun rights group that planned an “open carry” dinner at a restaurant earlier this year is hosting an open carry picnic on Detroit’s Belle Isle.

In the state of Michigan it is legal for citizens to openly carry a handgun if they are 18 years of age, the handgun is registered to the carrier, the carrier is on foot and in some circumstances, if the carrier is not in a designated pistol-free zone.

Rick Ector, Chief Instructor of Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit, said 100 visibly armed citizens are expected to be in attendance.

“It is a demonstration of our second amendment right. It gives us the opportunity to come together, to fellowship and to outreach in the community to inform them of their rights, if they desire to openly display a firearm while going about their daily activities,” he said.

The purpose of the event, according to Ector, is to raise awareness that the practice of open carry is a lawful activity in Michigan, adding that “although we made some progress in our aim of educating the public from our last public event, there is still much work to be done.”

He said those who openly carry guns, especially in Detroit, are sending a message to someone who may want to harm or rob them.

“A visual deterrent of that visibly displayed handgun definitely sends a message to the bad guy that this is a person who’s involved in their safety and is willing to protect themselves,” Ector said.

In April, Ector organized what many people believe was the first ever open carry dinner ever held within the city limits of Detroit. Nearly 100 armed citizens attended that event.

The picnic, billed as Legally Armed In Detroit’s “Second Annual OC Picnic,” will be held at Belle Isle Park Shelter No. 19 on Sunday, Aug. 28 from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

For more information about open carry and Legally Armed In Detroit, visit

Comments (5)
  1. Art Again says:

    What we need in Michigan is people who recognize this as an antagonistic group. What purpose is there to this action? If you carry a gun you may not draw it or even un-holster it. That is the law.

    1. Scott Webb says:

      Hey Art! Learn the law. You can draw your firearm to defend yourself. That’s why hundreds of thousands of people carry a gun everyday in Michigan.

  2. demetrius says:

    i hate when people dont no the law.. or michigan law .. people who carry a gun, wont to make it home at night..

    how about you if push does come to shove will u make it home at night..

    1. LN Mitchell says:

      Certainly Art is a sheep with a know nothing attitude.

  3. Scott Webb says:

    I want to know what people believe Rick Ector organized the first open carry dinner in Detroit. Members , supporters, and leaders of Michigan Open Carry, Inc. have been hosting events in Detroit for years. Including lunches, dinners, and gatherings at major events.

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