LANSING (WWJ) – A new poll shows former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the frontrunner among those likely to vote in Michigan’s 2012 Republican Presidential Primary.

Pollster Bernie Porn with Lansing-based EPIC-MRA said Texas Governor Rick Perry’s 17 percent showing in Michigan really surprised him.

“To think that Michigan Republicans have attached themselves to him this quickly, giving him not the terribly distant 17 percent to Mit Romney’s 32 percent, it’s probably a little surprising. The activity on the internet among conservative voters and among Republicans has probably benefitted him a great deal.”

Porn was also surprised with Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s third place finish with 12 percent, stronger than Sarah Palin.

“Michele Bachmann is more popular in Michigan among Republican voters than Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential nominee, by seven points, 58 to 51 percent. Not withstanding Michele Bachmann’s involvement in a lot of controversial statements is Sarah Palin, who has a much higher negative.”

Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter of Livonia was able to garner only one percent of the vote.

Comments (11)
  1. Count says:

    Why no statistics on Ron Paul.? You got something against him?

    1. Gary says:

      what a bunch of bullsh!t

    2. sstoddart says:

      Count — you can read the poll’s complete results here:

  2. Gary says:

    Ron Paul is my man. The people are waking up.

  3. Kath says:

    What is wrong with CBS? Ron Paul is the people’s choice. All of the other candidates want to dismantle the Constitution, Ron Paul is the Champion of the Constitution! Get with it CBS!

    1. sstoddart says:

      Kath — as you can read here, Ron Paul garnered 5% of the vote.

  4. kath says:

    @sstoddart, you honestly believe their poll? Enough useless bureaucracy! Ron Paul is the only one trying to protect Americans by cutting the pork!

    1. ChuckP says:

      Let me see if I have this straight. Paul supporters are quick to clamor for recognition when their candidate does well in a poll, but does not believe a poll is accurate unless Paul does well? What is wrong with this picture?

      Paul is living in the Nineteenth Century. He would have done well against Teddy Roosevelt, but the world is a much different and smaller place than it was over a hundred years ago.

      1. kath says:

        The world is a “smaller place”??? Do some of your own research. Check out how your preferred candidate voted on issues that benefit the people, you will be amazed.

  5. ChuckP says:

    Of course the world is a smaller place. In 1900 it took weeks to get from Europe, Asia, or the Middle East to the United States. Now it takes hours. And BTW, this smaller world is much more dangerous, with suitcase nuclear weapons that can be loaded onto a freighter and shipped to New York with ease. Ron Paul expects me to believe that nuclear weapons in the hands of those suicidal maniacs in Iran is acceptable. I think not..

    I have dome my research, and I am supporting Mitt Romney. He is the best electable alternative the Republicans have to offer.

    1. kath says:

      I doubt that you have done any research ChuckP, or even know how, as a different mode of transportation doesn’t make the world smaller place, it’s scary to think that you vote.

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