Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 8-29-11

What to expect from a vampire cruise?
10. What to expect from a vampire themed cruise? It will give the deadliest catch crew something to look forward to. Hot vampire babes at the loading dock! Ron in mt Clemens
9. Vampire cruise? A whole new meaning to deadliest catch. Look for fang marks in your fish. Wayne@wrk
8. You can expect the bloody marys to be made from actual blood from the bartender mary. Adam in troy.
7. Paul from warren all activities and living quarters will be arranged by blood type
6. Instant Feedback: What to expect from a Vampire-themed cruise? Rod Allen taging along with The Count at work, “I see you count.” Matt Plymouth
5. Menu on the trip? Blood sausage, Bloody Marys, blood oranges, and a distinct lack of garlic dishes. Windsor
4. Phil Coke will be spending a lot of time on the top deck pointing towards the full moon, Cooz
3. What to expect from a Vampire Cruise to Alaska? I don’t know, but Black Dracula said he’ll wait for the Caribbean Cruise. Shawn Detroit
2. Scott– We will finally get to see what Mel Kiper does the rest of the year
1. Al — What to expect from a vampire-themed cruise…the Cripps are upset because the Bloods got a great discounted package deal.


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